Yin Yoga with MindfulnesS - 40 HOURS

Friday 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September, 2019


This is a course suitable for 200 hour teachers wishing to teach Yin Yoga, as well as those who have an established Yoga Practice and wish to develop their knowledge of this popular style of Yoga.


FRIDAY 13th September

What is Yin Yoga?

How do we integrate Yin and Yang?

What are the benefits of Yin practice?

We will look at the mind model both from the Eastern and Western perspective.

The Anatomy of the Mind in Yin Yoga.

We look at the practice of Mindfulness and Body Scanning meditations.

We will look at additional Mindfulness Meditations.

We look at Yin Yoga as a form of Chinese medicine. This will include information regarding Buddhism , The Meridian Theory, and The Buddha Dharma.

We look at Organ health in Yin Yoga, as well as the importance of The Five elements.

We will look at practices for Gastro-Intestinal Health.

Yin Practice with modifications and use of props.


SATURDAY 14th September

The Kidneys and Urinary Bladder, along with sequences for these Meridians.

The Lungs and Large Intestine, along with sequences.

Incorporating thoughts and knowledge of Mindfulness and Meditation into Yin Practice.

The Heart and Small Intestine and practices.

The relationship of the Physical and Emotional Body.


SUNDAY 15th September

We will look at the systems, organ health and the principles of Mindfulness.

We will look at how Mindfulness and Yoga intermingle and how to incorporate both principles into teaching and practice.

We will look at Yin sequences and how to combine postures to create classes, along with a template for a class plan.

This course is designed to be interactive and there will be plenty of time for questions.

A part of the hours is to be set as homework.

This will involve looking at how to create sequences, as well as study on the subjects covered.



About the teacher:


Paula began practicing Yoga well over 20 years ago and was drawn to Yoga through depression and anxiety.

Previously Paula had always worked in the Health and Fitness industry, both in the UK and overseas.

''My initial introduction to Yoga was whilst living in Sweden. I then trained with David Swenson in The Ashtanga system. Through my love of Dance and Music (born into a family of musicians), I travelled to The Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts to train in Vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea. After opening my own Yoga and Wellness Centre 5 years ago, I felt it was time to incorporate some Yin into my practice to balance my busy life, and restore my mind and body. I have been to trainings with Sarah Powers and continue my study to the present day. I also run a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School, as well as still actively teaching myself.’’