diane Lee

Senior Teacher

Diane Lee has more than 19-years teaching experience in her field, has devised a uniquely intensive Yoga course in central Bath. Diane teaches over 70% of the 180- hours on the course, with a further 75-hours minimum extra practice hours at other Yoga classes and workshops, 100-200 hours reading list time and student 1:1/Group/Student/Charity classes, during the training. Her gratitude can be felt each time she teaches, as she aims to share her passion with her students and her purpose to help others grow and reach their own infinite potential.


Kara Herbert

Student Liaison Officer

Her role is to facilitate Teacher Trainee 1:1's throughout the course, and for any other questions throughout the course, to support and enable greater learning.

Kara has been working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher since graduating in 2002, with a 2:1 BA Hons in Creative Arts: Dance and Visual Arts. Alongside her dance training and career, Kara has been practicing yoga for 11 years over which time her passion and interest to learn more has grown and she has recently qualified to teach Vinyasa Flow Hatha Yoga, a style which compliments her dance experience. Kara aims to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere to her classes as well as challenging and embracing the needs of each individual. In her own practice and teaching she is interested in exploring the connection between Yoga and dance and how each can help tap into the creativity within us.


Ariadna Landman


Ariadna is an Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, teacher and writer. For the past fifteen years, Ariadna has dedicated herself exclusively to the study and practice of Ayurveda, with a special interest in women’s healthcare. Inspired by her teachers, she has now launched VitalVeda, a project designed to serve as a platform for healing, learning and growing. Ariadna lives in Bath, UK, where she consults and shares her knowledge and experience.

Ariadna completed her Postgraduate Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine (PGDAM) in 2003 at the London College of Ayurveda, after serving as an intern at the renowned AVP Hospital of Coimbatore, and in Pune, India. After qualifying, Ariadna began to work at the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine, London. Prior to this, Ariadna worked for the NHS as a health care assistant at Central Middlesex Hospital, London.



Lyn Latchem


Lyn was a qualified fitness instructor in the 80’s and 90’s before taking up yoga as a hobby in 2000. She has mainly focused on Ashtanga yoga and has practiced Iyengar, Sivananda and Forrest yoga. Lyn has completed Forrest Yoga teacher training and Advanced Forrest Yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest. She has undertaken the Forrest Mentorship Programme with Forrest Guardian Sandra Heider and regularly attends Continuing Professional Development courses with Sandra. Lyn assisted Sandra over the course of a year in assessing students on the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Programme; supporting them to develop their teaching skills and understanding of yoga. Lyn recently completed Intensive Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with David Swenson.



Paul Wilby


Paul Wilby will be teaching the anatomy, physiology, body system and genetics section of our syllabus. Paul uses structural Integration (Rolfing) , dynamic functional movement and manipulation of the ‘magical’ fascia to bring balance, poise and power into your life. Paul has been inspired and blessed by the Massai medicine man in the rift valley and has journeyed with the Yawa-nawa shaman. Paul has been lucky enough to be-friended and gently guided by many incredible practitioners from near and far who have shared their wisdom freely. He is fascinated by human potential and excited to be a part of your Yogi journey.